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ef15a20414ecccf83c84244b9950ca54List of designers looking for bloggers to join their blogroll.

To be added:
Apply Here :  We receive many applications per week and we try to update this page at least twice weekly.  Your request will be posted with the caveat that we will decline any designers whose work contains IP Infringement.  If you have any questions about your application or there is any urgency required, please contact one of the support team members.

In-world Note cards will include – Name, blog URL, length of time blogging, and syndicated feeds you are on, unless specified.


Women’s Clothing:

Men’s Clothing:



Skins, Shapes, Tattoos, & Body Appliers:



Home & Decor:


Kid’s Clothing:

Games, Gachas, and Events:

Paid Management / PR  Positions:

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  1. Hey, just thought I would let you know, It’s Ivey Deschanel, not Ivy. 🙂

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  4. Kaethe Dyrssen (owner of Leafy) is looking for active bloggers 😀 Check the details with her, I saw it on her flickr name!

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  13. The Whoreshop! is looking for bloggers and not only accessories but principally clothing. TY

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  15. This is a wonderful post, helps so much! I am new to this and it’s not easy getting your foot in the door!

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