Photogenic Locations

One of the most asked questions in our group is “Does anyone know of a sim with snow/water/castles/urban/blossom/younameit?”.

While you can of course ask, that is what our group is for after all, we also like to recommend that you first check our own
Flickr Group : [SL] Blogger Support Sim Locations“, specially set up for SL Locations that are photogenic and in most cases very blogger/photographer friendly!

New photos are submitted on a daily basis and therefore this Flickr-group is the most updated resource for you to find that perfect place for your photo-shoot.

Fris' Land

Fris’land by Tripp Nitely on Flickr

We encourage everyone to submit their photos too, but we do ask you to follow these few simple rules:

* ONLY pictures of the sim please! You can be in it, but remember this group is meant to share great sim locations.
* Please include a SLURL to the location. Either include the SLURL in the picture’s description or put in a bloglink to a post containing the link. Only link to specific blogposts (No general bloglinks allowed)
* Stating whether or not the sim allows rezzing/scripts is a PLUS and greatly appreciated!

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