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This week has been a whirlwind – so many things are on my plate right now that I’m about to overflow and don’t know which way to end up. I finally had a chance to take a picture the other night for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Enchantment – two fabulous events that start on the 1st of February, of course, embracing the genre of role-play and your own fantastical desires.

So while I was figuring out what to blog, I realized that as a blogger it takes a lot of work just to actually think of what to “blog”. With so many offerings to be had and choices to make on what we’d like to “show off”, it can get a bit overwhelming. If we had our way – we’d blog all the things and be happy about it, but really who has the time? And to be honest – how does one go about combining the right items to get the right look? How will YOU stand out among the other 2000+ bloggers out there (maybe an exaggeration but a lot!)

My only recommendations for this dilemma would be to blog what YOU think is your mark. You can either be the cookie-cutter blogger that does the same thing everyone else does, or you can step up and try something different. Your style defines who you are and how you make it in this place. It really does. I noticed an ongoing trend when bloggers started to post their blogs through the Fantasy Gacha Carnival group: certain creators got blogged right off the bat, others…fell into the midst. We wonder why this happens, and sometimes I think a lot has to do with what we see about, especially on Flickr, blogs and Plurk. There are others out there that are waiting to be defined and make their marks as well. You are a marketing tool for them. So make it happen. Take your spin on what you like, what you see and step it up. It’s a great big world out there.

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With Thanks

Thank you

Over a year ago (actually around June of 2012), [SL] Blogger Support was born. With the backbones of some amazing people, some sweat and blogging tears – the group in-world was born, the website made, ideas, thoughts, tutorials, blogs, contributors, supporters and the what-not all came together to make this one of the most influential blogging groups in Second Life! We’re almost 450 strong! (give or take)

I can’t thank you all enough who have been here since the beginning and those that have come through till now. I want to say thank you to the support team and the contributors for their amazing work with showing us great places to take pictures, wonderful interviews with our peers and tutorials that help us learn to be a better writer, picture taker, and blogger.

We’re a continuous work in progress, constantly adding here and there, talking about different events and places we should go. The blogging community – from fashion to sims, to just life in general in Second Life – is a massive world.

Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. <3