SL Bloggers Group on Facebook and Contest!

Skyla Tunwarm started a Facebook group back a bit ago called: SL Bloggers Group. It’s gaining momentum on the social network. It’s a place where you can join and post your blog posts almost like you would a feed. If you’re interested in joining and have a Facebook account, you can join by clicking: HERE Also! She’s running a Halloween Photo Contest! There’s also a Linden Prize! Although it’s short notice – we thought we’d share. All entries must include: Blog must be in a Halloween theme One Entry per person To… Read More

*Tea Time* Is Looking For 15 New Bloggers!

*Tea Time* Rules for participants: (15 Winners) *RULES*: I have received many Bloggers requests this month and decided to give a chance to 15 bloggers to be part of the *Tea Time* “Bloggers Group”. But .. we want to choose only the best and then we will have to prove it by creating a post with a minimum 3 items from *Tea Time*. We will choose the top 15 according to these rules: 1-High quality of editing. 2-Your blog must have minimum 2 feed. 3-Your blog must exist at least 6 months…… Read More

Photography Contest for The Arcade!

THE EVENT The Arcade is a quarterly gacha event, with events planned in September, December, March, and June. Sponsored by Avenue Magazine, Collabor88, The Grove Country Club Estates, Intrigue Co., Sleepy Bones and Tableau, The Arcade gacha event features an eclectic mix of designers with proven quality. Designated themes for each seasonal event will ensure exclusive, original content that will set this event apart from others. The first session will begin September 15th, and will have no theme. Creators are encouraged to make whatever inspires them. ***** Photography Contest ***** To celebrate… Read More