Little Village

Afternoon everyone! <3

Little Village is a fantastic sim put together by the extremely talented Cica Ghost. She has brought us such lovely sims as GhostVille, Rust.. and who could forget her stick figure artistic expression set up on LEA13. All of those are closed, but she currently has Little Village and The Visitors up and running.

Little Village is adorable, quirky and a touch haunting all at the same time. It is done in sepia tones, with tilted houses, dry grasses, hillocks, dry trees and more. It is perfect for bloggers wanting a little something different, people that love to take pictures of sims, or just for people to go and take in.

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Little Village 1

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It all starts with a smile

Afternoon everyone! <3

It all starts with a smile has gotten a huge overhaul for spring, and it has come out looking just beautiful. Out of all of the versions put together so far, this is by far my favorite.

Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster Resident own the sim, and Kaelyn did an amazing job putting together all of the details. It has everything from a village to rolling hills to a playground and waterfall, with a path running along side the sim that is out in the water. It is heaven for any blogger wanting fantastic backgrounds, for people wishing to take pictures of sims, and for couples or friends to hang out at. There is also a place where you can dance.

A special mention goes out to both Superjaix of Xiaj and Paco Pooley of 22769/Bauwerk both of whom made the village on the sim, which turned out wonderfully.

It all starts with a smile 1

It all starts with a smile 2

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Beautiful 4 Seasons

Afternoon everyone! <3

I had the pleasure of taking pictures today at Beautiful 4 Seasons. As the name suggests, it does change with the seasons, and right now it is in full spring bloom.

The parcel is done by Inkie Loudwater, and you can tell that she loves to put it all together. It is great for bloggers, with many different scenes to use. Everywhere you turn space is utilized, bringing together an eclectic mix of elements, some of which I was not able to capture or the post would have been way to long:p It goes from an ocean side home, to a cafe to a beach to a mountain top housing area.

Beautiful 4 Seasons 1

Beautiful 4 Seasons 2

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