Photoshop & The Gang

stress-reduction-techniquesHere we will list the Photoshop tutorials that will help you in making that perfect picture. These will be blogs, videos, and other forms of media. Along side Photoshop there are other unique art programs that can help you along the way. Videos:
Katey Coppola – Her Page

Elysium Elide – Her Page

Websites Dedicated to Photoshop Tutorials:

Blogposts on Photoshop Tutorials:
Harlow Heslop – Her Blog

Strawberry Singh – Her Blog

Julliette Bergan – Her Blog

Maribel Button – Her Blog

Valena Vacano – Her Blog

Monique Salamander – Her Blog

Shyntae Demonista – Her Blog

Peep Sideshow – Her Blog

Rainey Manx – Her Blog

Flickr Groups for Photostock

9 Comments on “Photoshop & The Gang

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  5. Thanks for adding me to your list. I hope people who don’t have access to PS or are intimidated by PS or Gimp find these helpful 🙂

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