Windlight Settings

Windlights in Second Life are an essential tool for every photographer and blogger on the grid. There are many windlight settings that you will find on your viewer. The whole feeling and impact of photo can be affected by simply changing the type of lighting you are using. Here you’ll find links to windlight settings available for download and tutorials on how to make your own windlight setting or optimizing an existing one. We strongly encourage you to scroll through all the windlight settings on your viewer -some viewers come with more than others, but all can be downloaded here – and see what may inspire you!

Windlight Settings for Downloading:

Windlighting Tutorials:

Kismet Faith – Creating Your Own Windlight

10 Comments on “Windlight Settings

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  7. Too bad, i have no idea, how to download Cajsa`s windlight 😦 Oh and Isabelli has a 2013 update on her windlights, i Need to ask her about that.



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