Lucie Bluebird


Misty Morning

Hi there! So uhm. Okay, a little bit about me. I joined SL in January 2009 with my RL husband. We own a business (Repose) and a sim (Woodland Park) together in SL.  I’m also the current owner of Lazy Sunday, which I took over in June 2012. In 2015, my SL sister PepperAnne Mint agreed to join as my co-owner.

I began blogging sort of by accident. I swear, that can happen! I began “microblogging” on Flickr in November 2011 with a personal challenge called Raid Your Closet. It was designed to get me to not shop for a month (I had to wear all stuff I already owned in the pics I took daily). I had heard of microblogging, but I didn’t realize what I was doing qualified! Then a couple of designers added me as a blogger and I was really honored and it inspired me to officially start blogging in May 2012.

I’ve always been a creative person and I always wanted to have more “fine arts” skills. I feel like taking and editing SL pics gives me a taste of that. I love it and I love blogging. It’s been a really awesome adventure. I didn’t expect it to “stick” the way it has, but I’m really glad it did!

I’m kind of awkward and dorky, but I enjoy helping people and I love the SL Blogger Support group. It was (and still is) a huge help to me, so I’m happy to do my small part to give back to such a great community.

My blog is Bluebird’s Song
Me on Plurk (feel free to add me!)
My Flickr


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