SL Blogger Support

And all things come to…

When the SL Blogger Support first started, it was just a little group of people, wanting to get together and starting something new. Bloggers within the community wanted a place within Second Life to talk about blogging, fashion, designers, and everything in between. The group provided an outlet for all of us to converse and become one. It grew from ten people, to twenty, to fifty, and continued to make changes and gain new people as the years went on.

And with the ever changing face of Second Life – groups, people, events, and all – change. Things come to an end.

On December 1st, the SL Blogger Support will close its doors.

The years have been great – from bringing bloggers together, designers to bloggers, events to showcase their ideas. We’ve supported each other in times of need, gave advice, and even bickered about nothing at all. We’ve watched people leave, come back, and grow to be amazing.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has joined our little family. From those of us who joined up since Day One, until our last day.

Thank you to Caitlin, for stepping into my shoes when I no longer could hold the reigns.

To Asthenia, Ember, Kaelyn, Lucie, Kitty, Sasy, Lainey, Harlow, Luna, Willis, Autumn, and those that have come and gone through our time spent here helping out the SLBS – Thank you. You have no idea how much your help enabled the group to grow.

To those that have contributed via blog posts, opening your events for early access, sharing your ideas, your dreams, and allowing the SLBS to be part of your community – Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Throughout the month of November, Del from Seraphim and Bloggers & Vloggers Network, will be reaching out to everyone to transition those who wish to join the BVN. BVN – just like SLBS – is there to help, support, and channel the ever changing world of blogging in Second Life. The group requires no application and is open to everyone:

Again, thank you to everyone. For your support, your dedication, and affection.

Kind regards,

Katya Valeska

Goodbye and thank you all so much!

A year ago Katya asked me to take over her role of Owner/Manager of SL Blogger Support. I gave it some thought and then happily accepted this challenge.
SL Blogger Support, and the Support Team, is a wonderful group of people willing to share experiences, tips and tricks and I have had a great time.

Unfortunately, the past months,  I have had a series of health issues in RL  – from which I am still recovering,  making it impossible for me to give SL Blogger Support and the Support Team the attention they deserve.

It is therefore that, after some sleepless nights of thinking and worrying, I have decided to step down from my role as owner/manager and handing it back to Katya. A decision which was not easy as I take my role and the group very serious, but I had the feeling I am letting you all down by my frequent absence from Second Life and this decision is for the best of the group.

A goodbye, with a smile - II

I want to thank Katya for her faith and trust in me, the Support Team for their hard work and keeping the group going and of course all our members, without whom this group would not exist!
Thank you for the fun chats, the advice’s, the sharing and caring, you guys rock!

Per the 1st of November I will have myself removed from all contact-pages and manager roles, and will be a regular member again – so no: I am not leaving the group entirely!

Wishing you all the best with your blogs, vlogs and photo-work and a wonderful holiday season to come, in Second Life and Real Life!

See you around and…..Happy Blogging!

Halloween is coming, share your photo-spots!

In my previous blogpost I asked you all to share your favourite, photogenic, locations for Autumn photoshoots and the suggestions were all awesome! Thank you all for sharing these amazing places!
For your convenience, here is the list of the places you shared :


Autumn - Good Memories

Good Memories


With Halloween around the corner, the next question is of course: share your favourite, photogenic and blogger friendly, Halloween places!
Be it spooky and creepy or just amazingly sweet with cute pumpkins and candy……just let us know, in the comments below, which place is a must-visit for cool Halloween pics!

I will give a heads up with two places I’ve visited!

The first is Dark Moon – a CALAS GALADHON sim, for sure creepy but very different as this is located in an abandoned space-ship….(now that’s something else!)

Halloween - Dark Moon

Dark Moon


The second one is a foggy place, filled with witches on broomsticks flying around and zombie-like creatures : Halloween Horror by bad Katz…brrr!

Halloween Horror by Bad Katz

Halloween Horror by Bad Katz

I can’t wait to explore the places you guys recommend – Happy blogging!