Little Village

Afternoon everyone! <3

Little Village is a fantastic sim put together by the extremely talented Cica Ghost. She has brought us such lovely sims as GhostVille, Rust.. and who could forget her stick figure artistic expression set up on LEA13. All of those are closed, but she currently has Little Village and The Visitors up and running.

Little Village is adorable, quirky and a touch haunting all at the same time. It is done in sepia tones, with tilted houses, dry grasses, hillocks, dry trees and more. It is perfect for bloggers wanting a little something different, people that love to take pictures of sims, or just for people to go and take in.

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Little Village 1

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“It all starts with a smile” Photography contest

We are so excited to announce our very first Photography contest at “It all starts with a smile.”


Everybody is invited!! ^^

~ Anyone who has a camera can join in on the fun! :)

~ Alex Bader, Froukje Hoorenbeek, Steven Dean & superjaix will be choosing the winners at the end of the competition.

* Winners can win 10.000L$ (1st place),
5.000L$ for the 2nd runner up and
3.000L$ for the 3rd. placer in cash (Sponsored kindly by Studio Skye)

& Dutchie, Essential Soul & XIAJ will provide storecredit/giftcards to the 1st place winner ♥

~ Pictures of the sim, that have already been uploaded on Flickr, can be used and added to the group in order to participate.

~ In order to join, please add your picture(s) in the Flickr group It All Starts With A Smile Photography contest.
– Please tag your pictue with “IASWAS”

~ Last day to submit your picture is on sunday the 30th of march 2014..

~ Winners will be announced in the first week of April!

~ Please observe the follwing:
* Each participant may only submit three photographs.
* Pictures HAVE to be taken at It all starts with a smile.
* The pic may contain avatars and doesn’t need to be just a landscape shot
* Editing your pictures in Photoshop or any other program isn’t required at all.
(a good raw shot will have just as much chance to win)
* And lastly no nudity, please be respectful

Come explore and have fun taking pictures!

Much love,

Maxxster & Kaelyn