Get to know…Katya Valeska

I really had no idea what to call this idea of mine.  I’m sorry, it’s corny.  If I think of a good name, I’ll change it up.  My basic idea is to focus on people in Second Life that go out of their way to do amazing things for others.  Being that I am hermit lady, hopefully there will be some suggestions along the way and stories to share about amazing people out on the grid that I can stalk and photograph.Katya Valeska

While thinking about who I wanted to highlight first, it sort of just dawned on me that who would be better than the pretty little redhead that created this blog, the in-world group and basically brought us all together.  Helped us communicate with one another, share tips and ideas as well as constantly challenge each other’s creativity in ways we might not have dared before.  [SL] Blogger Support has helped us all, new bloggers as well as veterans and everything in between.  Katy made that possible, all the while maintaining her own blog with stellar photos of all the wonderful things we can all find in SL.  Not to mention, assisting with The Ego Co and currently the FaMESHed blog.  Bloggers and creators on her TL on Plurk can look forward to her giving an encouraging word when she sees posts or new releases, as well as on Flickr.  And lets not forget this new venture with the Liason Collaborative, which is shaping up to be another amazing event giving creators the platform to showcase their abilities.

Katya Valeska - Full

She’s a perv, she’s a sweetheart and one of the most brutally honest people I’ve come in contact with in quite awhile.  So yes, I will probably girl crush on her for a bit and after you see some of her blog pics…well, you might too!


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