Evening everyone! ❤

It has been awhile since I’ve done a location post for you all, so here we go!

The very talented Jacky Macpherson has put together a sim called [NorderNey]. I had been to the sim before and automatically put it on my list of things to blog. It is beautifully put together, with a nice range of themes from beach to rural. I especially loved Jacky’s simple description: “A Smile is the beginning of Peace”. You can add pictures you take to the [NorderNey] Flickr group.

I don’t have much else to say, so I will let the picture do the talking, and make sure to go check it out as it covers a wide range of blogger and photographer needs, and it is a very peaceful place to visit.

Click for larger images:

[NorderNey] 1

[NorderNey] 2


[NorderNey] 3

[NorderNey] 4

[NorderNey] 5

[NorderNey] 6You are not able to rezz, but you are able to run scripts.

Your Taxi Awaits!

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