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The past view days I did some extra  traveling  in world. Spring is in the second life air, time that  sim owners changing the scenery of their piece of second life heaven.

In this post I like to plead for sim owners who open their place for the public so everybody can share in their dreams.

To own and maintain  a sim or part of a sim is not free of charge and in time becoming more and more expensive because of the high exchange rates and people loosing there real life jobs and income because of that. Consequence of this fact is that more and more great sims are closing and the second life landscape is getting more and more a bare landscape. Still there are a lot of great sims you can visit but every time a sim closes, my heart breaks.

When it happens the reaction  is in oohh and ahh  and we all are feeling sorry that another sim has to close  and then we  all go back to business and look at our  agenda to see where the next shopping buzz is happening. We share the sim locations that are still available so we and in we I mean bloggers and photographers , can go there and use that place as a photoshoot location.

If and when you are visiting sim locations maybe you can adopt one favorite place and shop just a little less and donate on a monthly regular base to support your favorite sim. I know for sure a lot of you do that already but maybe , just maybe we can pitch in a little bit more in times to come. Contact  owners of your favorite places and ask if you can help them financially and see where your donation is needed the most . I know for sure some of them would be very happy if you do.

This post is not for me I am still lucky that  have a good paying real life job to pay for my second life dream and as long as I do I am happy to share that dream with everybody that drops by but I know that there are sim owners struggling to make ends meet and maybe  just maybe we can keep each others dreams alive by reaching out to one and other.

If and when you are looking for places to visit here are some blog and Flickr sites that have second life traveling as their core business.

Bitacora Viajera  Explore Second Life Honour’s Post Menopausal View KoinUp Places Inara Pey Second Life Destinations Second Life Exploring Destinations Ziki Questi’s Blog  [ SL ] BS Sim Locations Second Life –  Beautiful Sims Second Life – Landscapes in a Virtual World Second Life – Destinations SL Awesome Landscapes

Enjoy your journey where ever you go and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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2 Comments on “BON VOYAGE

  1. Your right about taking a little of your Linden love and donating to places that are still open, which I do when I visit Calas ~ that sim stays open due to people all over that love it and want it to remain ….. I would rather donate 1000L to them than umm spend it on a gown that is overpriced and probably would only wear once…great post and brings awareness to those sims teetering on staying open

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