Pose appreciation week: Nov. 19 – Nov. 25

Starting this post, I went for a quick browse on the fashion feeds. The first post I came across has a big list of credits, but… the pose was left out. Out of the first 10 posts, only 3 posts credited the poses used. Maybe I found the only 7 posts without pose credits, but I doubt it.

Bloggers often don’t credit everything in their post. Even when they do, the focus is on what they are wearing. The poses are so often forgotten. But where would we be with our blogs without great poses?  Nowhere! Unless you want all blogposts looking like this:

Yep, that is the basic SL AO noob standing pose. Hawt, isn’t it? You can be the world’s greatest stylist, pile on layers of clothing and accessories, build or find a nice set,  your picture will only be finished if you find the right pose for it.

So that is why I’m proposing a pose appreciation week for the following week. Let’s put an extra spotlight on the poses in our blogpost the next week. Take inspiration from the Inspire Me prompts or dig through your posestands and find your favorite poses and posestores, but make atleast 1 post this week allllllllllll about the poses. And let’s not forget to fully credit them! (not just the store, let’s aim for the pose name too!)

Pose appreciation week will run Nov. 19 – Nov. 25! But ofcourse, the pose appreciation never stops for a blogger!

Pose: Model427 – Everglow [Using Tillie‘s pose stand]

Oh yeah, I also wore some stuff:
Hair: Leticia – Truth
Skin: Lilith – Glam affair
Eyes:  Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes – Maitreya [Group gift]
Top: Eku tank – Geometry [Currently at Unhinged – fundraiser]
Bracelets: Ramona 77 – Maxi Gossamer
Jeans: Classic jeans – Zaara
Shoes: Ribbon slingback – G field

30 Comments on “Pose appreciation week: Nov. 19 – Nov. 25

  1. Yayyy! I see my poses used often and not credited – I just smile and go “at least they liked my pose!” but it would be all warm and fuzzy if it was credited 🙂 I also like when people credit the sim they took the pic at if it’s a public sim that’s prettiful.

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  3. man… i plead guilty but still don’t want every one to find those awesome poses i got through hard searching…lol.. whats my punishment ??

    • Why not? The purpose is to Promote those creators when you blog, isn’t it? There is so many single poses out there. If I even counted the amount of poses that I have on my HUD we’re talking about over 500..not to mention the misc ones that I have in another folder / HUD .

  4. Ok, I just started blogging and before my guilt on this subject gets as layered as my Makeup. I will try to break the habit before it takes over lol……..But starting tomorrow, I already reached my limit today

  5. definitely get warm fuzzies if my poses are credited or my sim is mentioned. It lets me know that what I’m doing is of a high enough standard to be acknowledged and I’m sure other pose makers feel exactly the same way. Can’t wait to see more mention of poses even if it’s just so I can see who my competition is LOL

  6. Hi, I read through and actually commented on It’s Only Fashions post about crediting, but thought I would put it here too and add to it.

    This is a chunk of what I said to Cajsa’s post : (this is in response to also mention in this post about “not just the store”)

    I personally don’t agree with the crediting poses as the only way, as I always credit stores. Crediting a pose can add a lot more confusion to the mix.
    The pose could have been part of a gift, a promotion, an event. It may have been retired, may be in a discount area, may be one half of a couples pose set or a group combination or even a prop set.
    Poses are pulled apart and added to posestands over many years and the VR Studio which I use allows me to set them up by store in seconds, and does give me every single name etc…but again, if I put down pose 13 tickle, and that pose is one of thousands in a store, without the information of which pack/item it came from, it is not going to add benefit to the post at all.
    I think sending a person to a store to say hey, this store has amazing poses, lets try them ALL is more fun, and can lead to finding dozens more poses than planned for.

    Also I credit the store on my actual pictures, so I am not going to put all the text of the names of poses used on an image, so then would drop that altogether , which I do not want to do, because it gives a quick visual without having to read my credits at all. I have over 3000 poses and that is just my stand, Whimsy who blogs beside me has thousands too, and we always credit the stores we use.

    Many bloggers also take dozens of pics per post and as you cannot save with the name for every single pic, that would mean taking notes of every pic a description of the pose and the name in full, just so that when you choose two of those pics you have the right one. Also as I mentioned in the group chat earlier today on this topic, we have been through a few name changes of pose stores over the years, so what I have that is called one thing, could be a completely different name since the change.

    Anyway, whatever way it is done, as long as the reader can get there, that is the end goal 🙂


  7. The point of this post was to raise awareness in bloggers that poses need to be credited. And from the responses to this post, I can see it worked already. Crediting the actual post is the most ideal situation to me. Nothing wrong with aiming high eh? 😉
    Item names of skins, hairs, clothes, … are usualy given out. You don’t see someone crediting hair – truth, skin – glam affair, etc. (imagine looking for 1 hair at truth without knowing its name huh?) So that’s why I suggested to credit the actual pose name. And there are also limited edition clothes, special colors, …
    But yes, the main goal is to get the readers to the stores. And I’m glad this post got a few bloggers to think about crediting the poses, or the posestores.

    • I’m 100% guilty of not even crediting the item name. I figure just adding the store and then seeing people stumble around to look for a certain shirt is way more fun. But I do credit the pose maker.

      *lifts finger* If I blog this week, I do hereby swear to state the full name of the pose, so help me Yoda.

  8. As a pose maker, thanks for this! What some people don’t realize is that it’s hard work to make poses. It might not be as hard as rigging mesh or doing scripts, but it’s still a lot of work. Especially couple’s poses and especially if you have natural looking couple’s poses. There’s a lot of aligning and spending time dual logged on the Beta grid to get the couple’s poses down.

    It’s a creative process just the same as everything else and it’s nice to a.) know that someone has enjoyed using our hard work and b.) direct business towards our stores and merchandise.

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  14. I rarely credit…. I have so many poses in my HUD that I change thru them constantly and never remember which I use and some of them aren’t even labeled with the store name/pack name. Not to mention, I always do more than 2+ photos for my blog with all diff poses. However, i DO credit if its a pack that I bought at an event, a brand new full pose pack from a store, etc.– then I give the pack name/store.

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  18. My husband makes poses, so this is something I’ve always been really careful to do, regardless of whose poses I am using. I love this “challenge” so much!

  19. I’m super guilty of this, I try to remember, but half the time I load up every pose in my inventory, use what looks good, and forget which ones those were 😦 I’m trying to do better though!

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