Freshman Orientation: Amytheyst Beebe

Freshman Blogger: Amytheyst Beebe is a quiet blogging force that is a vortex of style and grace. Her blog Pixel Vanity encompasses fashion, fun and interviews with some of the best designers and bloggers. Amy’s blog is definitely not just about being beautiful, but capturing beautiful moments & places within our Second Life World.
Amy Beebe_Freshman Blogger
1. How long you been blogging? 6 months

2. Why did you make the decision to start blogging? I was really bored with SL, having been a member for almost 6 years, so bored I would constantly shop. So a friend of mine suggested that I start a blog, and I did!

3. Who inspired/inspires you in your blogging?

  • Kaelyn Alecto
  • Harlow Heslop
  • Strawberry Singh
  • Annan Adored

4. What blogger would you most like to meet and do a collab with?
Probably Strawberry Singh
Amy Beebe_Freshman
5. What are some of the challenges you face in your blogging? Angles. I’m worried about posing the pictures right. Clarity, and I’m kind of insecure about my talent in general.

6. How would like to be known? As a nice person that just blogs what she likes. I’m boring:p

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